Munshat Chowdhry

Munshat Chowdhry having been admitted to the Bar as an advocate in 2003, commenced his legal journey as a Criminal lawyer in Bangladesh following the completion of his LL.B and LL.M from the University of Chittagong. Quickly establishing a formidable presence, he directed his focus towards Civil laws, specializing in contract, commercial, and Company matters, amassing a profound understanding and expertise in these domains. Clients universally regard him as an unwavering pillar of reliability.

Additionally, he holds the status of a qualified Solicitor in the UK, demonstrating his prowess in both UK Civil and commercial law. His consultation services extend globally, with a particular emphasis on advising international clients on the intricacies of Bangladesh law in business and commercial transactions. Notably resourceful and technically adept, his ability to comprehend complex legal matters is a cornerstone of his esteemed reputation.

From skillfully drafting commercial contracts to fiercely representing clients in various Bangladeshi courts, Munshat exhibits a breadth of expertise. Despite being UK-based, he stands as an invaluable source of legal knowledge for our law firm. His exceptional foresight in identifying legal pitfalls and anticipating potential dangers shields his clients from impending troubles. Specializing in commercial fraud, especially within the financial sector, he serves as a reliable advocate for both claimants and defendants. His early exposure to criminal law uniquely positions him to navigate seamlessly through the intricate landscape of commercial and financial fraud issues.

Recognized as a highly sought-after lawyer by his clientele, his extraordinary legal acumen sets him apart in the legal arena.